Sunday, September 9, 2007

Welcome to NoPCP - No Political Correctness Please


I am Mahtew and have just started the site
As the title indicates, it literally means No Political Correctness Please.

It is my sincere belief and hope that there are people out there in this world
who are weary of too much political correctness and this culture of moral
relativity that is making big time inroads into alomst all aspects of people's lives.

To top it all, most of the main stream media has gone the PC way. is an attempt to create a place online where people can interact and network and
express views and opinions without fear of being stifled by Political Correctness.

We hope to evolve this site into a conservative media platform for all - with more features and services.

At present, we have discussion, news, articles and some other trivial attractions like Pic of the week, books, links etc.

Please do Sign up and participate in the community and let up jointly make this happen by calling a spade a spade.

Welcome all.

Mathew Thomas